Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Machine, Portable Anti-aging Dot Matrix Wrinkle Removal, Skin Tightening, Facial Care Device, Cordless Rechargeable
SAFE: non-surgical,non-intrusive,no anesthesia,no injections,no pain, noninvasive,and don’t need to recovery,non-toxic and harmless to your skin
FUNCTION: can be used to tighten skin, to minimize pores, to remove wrinkles deeply and modify the facial contour, to remove the double chin for thinning face, to activate cells, to increase skin elasticity and gloss and to dilute the dark circles and bags, whitening skin,improve blood circulation, promoting metabolism and eliminating facial fatigue
INTELLIGENT OUTPUT DETECTION: with high, middle and low intensity output mode, suitable for all kinds of people skin,beauty head contact with the skin, and the machine start with your hand touching the switch, Intelligent low voltage alarm, convenient to use

HEAT PENETRATION THERAPY: throug high-frequency alternating wave energy is transmitted to the subcutaneous tissue, promoting the dermis collagen contraction, regeneration, increasing the skin thickness and density of the dermis, removing wrinkles, eliminating the scar, restoring skin elasticity and luster,has strong deep import function, combined with the essence or skin care product that have the active gene repair function, which makes the skin rejuvenated
INFRARED LIGHT CARE: infrared ray is a kind of life of electromagnetic wave, the wavelength range is 4-14 microns, with strong permeability, which can penetrate human skin to 15 cm, after the infrared light is absorbed by the body, it can produce a heat that can be soothing and beneficial to human body heat,can infiltrate into the body’s tissues, cells and repair the human body skin,diminishing inflammation, swelling and other heath care efficacy
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