Care For Your Nails At Home

Nails can get easily damaged, whether from a bad manicure or after takeoff from acrylic. By practicing a few simple habits, you can make sure your nails are strong and well-maintained no matter how hands-on you get in other areas of your life!

1- Trim Your Nails

trim Your nails straight across

Trim your nails straight across. This will help you avoid ingrown nails. Also, try to cut your nails right after you’ve showered or bathed so that the nails are softer.

File in a consistent direction to prevent weakening your nails. Filing back and forth severely damages nails over time. Disinfect your nail care tools monthly in 70 percent or stronger isopropyl alcohol. To maintain nail flexibility and prevent nail splits, moisturize your nails after trimming them.

2 – Avoid harsh nail polishes. Ones that contain ingredients like formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate weaken the nail. Furthermore, repeatedly using bold pigmented colors can cause your nails to become yellowed or weakened.

3 – Use gentle nail polish remover, a base coat, and a top coat. When painting your nails, base coats help prevent your nails from getting stained. Top coats decrease the likelihood of the nail polish chipping, and lessen the frequency with which you have to remove the nail polish

4 – Moisturize your nails with oil to keep them flexible and strong. Like other areas of your body, your nails can benefit from being kept hydrated. Before going to sleep, try dabbing almond or avocado oil onto your nail beds and cuticles to stop them from getting dry, brittle, or flaky.

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5- Add protein and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Keratin, the protein that makes up your nails, can be better produced if you’re consuming more foods like fish, nuts, and beans. You can also try taking daily supplements like biotin and fish oil, which can be found at your local grocery or health food store. Vitamin B can also strengthen your nails, zinc can help eliminate white spots, and iron can help stop the formation of nail ridges. Vitamins A and C can help make your nails more hydrated and glossy.

6- Avoid keeping your nails in wet or dirty environments. Conditions like that encourage the growth of bacteria beneath your nails, which can be difficult to dislodge. Furthermore, repeated lengthy contact with moisture can increase your likelihood of getting split fingernails. Wear gloves when doing dishes, cleaning,…

How to Give Yourself a Spa-Level Facial at Home

While we’re all stuck indoors (or should be) for the foreseeable future, treating yourself to a much-deserved facial may seem like a far-off, unimaginable luxury — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to care for your complexion. Your step-by-step guide for when you can’t visit an aesthetician – DIY Facial

1: Start with a double cleanse

With any type of facial, the first step should always be to cleanse in order to prep the skin, start to clean the skin – with an oil-based cleanser to melt away makeup and remove unwanted, dead skin cells while still keeping the lipid barrier intact. Next, choose either a foam- or cream-based cleanser – Rinse off the oil-based cleanser using a warm washcloth and proceed with either a cream or gel cleanser. Focus on areas of oil and congestion and massage really well into all the nooks and crannies of the skin.

2: Exfoliate

After cleansing, it’s time to exfoliate, or slough off the top layer of skin cells and excess oils in order to ensure that the ingredients penetrate and you get the most out of the other steps.

3: Mask

Choose your face mask based on whatever current issues your skin is facing. If it is oily and prone to breakouts, reach for one that is clay-based or contains vitamin C. Conversely, if it feels parched or generally dry, use a face mask that is formulated to replenish hydration; seeking out ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. During quarantine time, we are all staying at home, so I suggest DIY recipes face mask

4: Steam

Fill a bowl [with] hot water and position your face over the bowl with a towel over your head to let your skin ‘open up’ while masking, a good old-fashioned bowl with slices of oranges will do a fantastic job of softening the skin and opening the pores.

5: Moisturize and Massage

After removing your face mask, it’s time to layer on your favorite serums and moisturizer — with the overall goal being hydration. Following serum, apply a layer of your favorite moisturizer. After applying as many hydrating products as you like (working from thinnest to thickest), give yourself a facial massage to boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

You can use a Solar Beauty Bar for a self-massage, or follow instruction video below.

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