How To Cure Acne From Inside Out


One of the first things that you should consider when attempting to reduce or get rid of your acne is your diet, the things that you eat and drink everyday.

“You really are what you eat” – and so if your diet is poor, then you cannot expect to be entirely healthy either. Your acne problem will certainly not be improved by a diet that is centered around the consumption of the wrong foodstuffs and liquids.

Here is a list of dietary considerations that may help to alleviate your acne problems in an entirely natural and healthy manner:

  • Drink lots of water ( of course 🙂 ): Water is essential for healthy, supple and young looking skin, and has long been known to be one of the most effective treatments for any kind of adverse skin condition. This is particularly because of its slightly alkaline nature (pH 7.3) and also the fact that it naturally prevents dehydration which can be a cause of the sebaceous glands overproducing oil and sebum. Basically, your skin needs plenty of water to function most efficiently, and for this reason, most dermatologists and other skin care specialists recommend a minimum water intake of between six and eight glasses every day.
  • Cut out the wrong fats: Everyone knows that the average Western diet is far too
    rich in the wrong types of fats and oils. With the prevalence of deep fried and fast food, the average diet that the modern teenager consumes is a natural aid to any acne problems that they may suffer.
  • That is not say that fats are necessarily acne friendly (as wee will see) but those that contain trans-fatty acids such as milk and milk products, shortening and margarine certainly are. In addition, artificially hydrogenated vegetable oils (which are what are most commonly used to cook fried and fast food) should be avoided, if possible.

    While eating such fats does not necessarily cause acne, there is no doubt that the fats that are contained in such food items as ice cream, cheese, bacon and milk make the skin more prone to problems.

    the bottom line is that pimples and skin blemishes are at least partially caused by poor diet and improper hygiene, and consuming a diet that is rich in the wrong kind of fat and sugar is simply asking for trouble!


  • Polyunsaturated essential oils: These oils are called essential because that is exactly what they are – necessary for a long and healthy life. The two primary oils that we needs are Omega-6 and omega-3 oils, and while the human body is in theory capable of producing them itself, it is relatively inefficient at doing so.
  • For this reason, these need to be taken on board through your diet, and, as far as the health of your skin is concerned, it is the Omega-6 essential oils that are most important. Oil rich fish and fish-oil based food supplements like cod liver oil and other fish oils are the richest source of these essential oils.

    Even in the case of these essential oils, however, the current Western diet is bot ideal, simply because the balance between Omega-6 and Omega-3 is skewed. Most experts development, the balance between them was approximately 2:1

    So eating a couple of portions of fatty fish like salmon every week will almost certainly help reduce acne related problems, principally because both of the omega essential oils are known to have marked anti-inflammatory qualities.

    If that is not possible, a daily dose of cod liver oil would be an effective alternative.

  • Raw vegetables:A skin friendly diet is one that emphasizes eating raw or lightly cooked vegetables, especially those of the leafy green variety that are rich in fiber as well as containing essential trace minerals. You should also include complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice and whole grain bread because these also add additional fiber to your diet, which is important for keeping your system clean and free of accumulated toxins.
  • Try to eat three healthy meals a day and avoid snacking foods with sugar.
    Food that are rich in Vitamin A such as broccoli and apricots will help keep acne at bay, as will lean red meat and whole grains, as they are rich in Zinc. However, do not overdo the vitamin A, because, as suggested previously, your body will expel it extrememly slowly, and build up too much in your body can be harmful as well.

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