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How to Remove Pigmentation, Freckles Successfully with White Perfect D1

Treatment for Pigmentation, Freckles:
*1st – Treatment with White Perfect D1: Apply 4 times a day, (I personally used in the morning, and at lunch time (without washing my skin), then after work, washed my face with water, applied another coat of D1, and before bed time, I applied one more coat, then go to bed).
2-3 days after using D1, the skin become red, then a little bit burned, then fine lines appear and the skin is very tight, keep using D1 until you finish the jar.
Some customer asked “after 7 days, the skin become burning, should I switch to D2 & D3?”, it’s ok to use D2 & D3, but if you want your pigment completely gone, I suggest that you should keep using D1 until the pigment is gone, and your skin become whiter and shinier, then you use Day Cream D3 and Night Cream D2 to protect and nourish your new skin.

** If you have Hyper-pigmentation: I suggest to use 4 x D1, apply 4 times a day for the treatment. If 2x D1 too harsh for your skin, you can switch to D2 & D3 about 2-3 weeks, then come back to D1 to complete the treatment.

***NOTE: Treatment for Pigmentation is not easy at all, but with White Perfect D1, I believe that it could do the magic works. When using D1, if your skin feel burning, not too worries, keep using it 2-3 days after, your skin will stop burning. When you switch to D2 & D3, it feel a little burn again, but will go away in 2-3 days.
I experience that when I start using Day cream D3, I use twice at day time, and for the first 2 days, my skin was dry, and peels, mean time, I use Night Cream D2, and after 2 days using it, my skin is not dry any more, and become more smooth and moist.

I’m in love with Top White’s products now.

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