Sulwhasoo – Overnight Vitalizing Mask Ex 120ml

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Sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing face mask, 4 oz./ 118 ml details what it is: an overnight mask that reawakens a glow to the skin as you rest. what it does: the soft texture of this cream-textured mask provides soothing moisture without excess residue. scutellaria root, walnut extract and angelica acutiloba deliver extra nourishment and nurtures your skin while you sleep. organic respiration layer technology creates a soft and light texture, leaving your skin hydrated and supple.

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Reawaken skin’s natural glow as you rest with Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask, a nourishing treatment that utilizes walnut extract to create an essential moisture layer on your skin, promoting optimal absorption of ingredients. White mulberry extract minimizes redness and irritation and hyaluronic acid promotes long-term hydration, restoring and revitalizing your skin overnight.

How to use: Use nightly as needed to provide extra moisture while sleeping. Smooth it over skin generously as the last step in your evening skincare regimen. Rinse in the morning.

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I’m pretty certain that this broke me out. I hadn’t tried any new products within a month of using this for the first time. I do really like this company’s oil cleanser and still use that as a lot of other oil cleansers that I’ve tried do. So I thought that I’d go ahead and give this a try. That turned out to be a mistake. The very next morning I woke up with bumps all over my face. They weren’t red or itchy, so probably not an allergic reaction. Just closed comedones or clogged pores I guess. It took about a week of bha applications every night before they cleared up. I’m still using the same products that I used before trying this with no problems so something in this particular one must have caused it. I definitely won’t purchase this again and probably won’t even try using the rest of the tube again. If I do try again and have a better experience

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