Simple Acne Reduction Tips

FOAM CLEANSER – Effectively remove makeup & impurities [/caption] SIMPLE ACNE REDUCTION TIPS

There are quite a few things that you can do on a daily basic that will help you to avoid or at least reduce the severity of your acne.

*** You must use a chemical free skin cleansing solution. By doing the job correctly in this way, you can effectively prevent new skin lesions and blemishes from being formed in the first place. In fact, cleansing your skin thoroughly but gently in this manner is one of the most effective things you can do to move towards having a healthy, acne free complexion.

***Do everything that you can to avoid either your hands touching or your hair falling onto any acne affected areas of your skin. Both of these cary dirt and oils that can help to clog your pores and encourage the bacteria that cause the acne blemishes to develop and grow.

*** Do not scratch or pick at your acne! This will encourage the transfer of dirt and oils into the wounds that you have irritated or opened with your actions, and cause deeper (and often more painful) acne lesions which are far more likely to cause scarring. Do not be tempted to squeeze blackheads or whiteheads that have formed as a result of your acne for exactly the same reasons.

*** Change your bedding, especially the pillow covers, every day. There will be a residue of dirt, germs and bacteria left on your pillow and sheets every morning, and if you do not change them, you risk these being passed back to your skin, blocking the pores in the process.

*** Avoid using makeup while suffering from acne. Most commercial makeup is made using lots of waxes and oils, and these will naturally block the pores of your skin, making your acne considerably worse. Furthermore, makeup may contain a chemical substance known as benzoyl peroxide, and this is something that can further irritate your skin. Using makeup when suffering acne is just asking for trouble, so please don’t do it.

I will post on more tips to cure acne such as changing your diet, stay tune 🙂

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