TonyMoly Master Lab Collagen Mask Sheet

master lab collagen mask sheet

master lab collagen mask sheet

When you have a busy life – full time working, kids, cooking, cleaning,… You don’t have any time for yourself anymore. One day, you look in the mirror and suddenly you notice that your skin has more fine lines, wrinkles, and dull complexion. Don’t wait until it happen to you. Planning a skin care routine as soon as it getting worst, and treating mask at home should be in your plan also.
Just give your self 20 minutes, once a week, after cleansing your face, put the mask sheet on then relax, just for 20 minutes can bring you a healthy looking skin.

I use Tonymoly Master Lab Collagen Mask sheet once a week. This mask transforms dull and tired skin into healthier-looking, moisturized skin in as little as 20 – 30 minutes.
I feel like this Master Lab mask would work well for those with older skin as this caters to help sagging skin due to the lack of elasticity. This sheet masks claims to make the skin more elastic and firm with collagen. And it does.
This leaves the skin with a highly absorbing and moisturizing finish.
I just loved it.

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